Blended Coffee

KAON Blend¥500 (with tax)

Straight Coffee

Ethiopia¥500 (with tax)

 The rich acidity is delicious.

Colombia¥500 (with tax)

 Fruity sourness, refreshing feeling

Guatemala¥550 (with tax)

 Elegant taste with a good balance of sourness and bitterness

Mandelin¥550 (with tax)

 Richness, deep aroma and lingering

Kilimanjaro¥550 (with tax)

 Gorgeous citrus aroma and sourness

Arranged Coffee

Cafe Au Lait (Hot)¥600 (with tax)
Wiener Coffee¥550 (with tax)
Coffee Float¥600 (with tax)
Cafe Au Lait (Iced)¥600 (with tax)
iced coffee¥550 (with tax)


Tea (hot)¥500 (with tax)
iced tea¥500 (with tax)

Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte (Hot)¥600 (with tax)
Matcha Latte (Iced)¥600 (with tax)


Milk (hot)¥300 (with tax)
Milk (iced)¥300 (with tax)